The Daily Diary Of AN ABSOLUTE Loser

Today: I have taken care of the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget, I remained processed sugar-free, I exceeded my daily water goal, and I stayed linked with excellent support. This day has been on the calendar for a long time. I knew it might be challenging–and it was, but it was also really good. After work and running a few errands, I managed to get home for a very short refresher nap.

It was actually significantly less than 30 minutes. I needed to be and ready for emceeing two back to back events up, an awards wedding ceremony hosted at four different locations and a concert at the theater. I was at the formal wear place today when an excellent lady complimented me on my weight loss and continued maintenance. I recognize the perceptions because I held those kinds of beliefs too once.

It’s traditional diet mentality type thinking that says getting to a healthy weight requires deprivation, hunger, and eating things we don’t like because that’s what we should gotta do to lose excess weight. And it isn’t, of course. It had taken a big change in perspective for me personally to realize how wrong I was previously. Tonight was a wonderful experience Getting dressed up and being a huge part of two events. I received several compliments on my weight loss and maintenance.

Almost everyone I had a personal relationship with tonight talked about it–and maybe because I was dressed up well, I don’t know– however now, I manage those much much better. I simply say, “many thanks.” There is a period when I’d try to speak them out of their go with. A simple “thank you” is enough.

If I had developed simply been an attendee of the awards banquet, I’d have eaten at the event likely. I possibly could have managed to get work–It’s called living life on life’s terms. I possibly could do it. I’d have called ahead and inquired about the menu just to ensure the food fit the boundaries of my plan.

  • Reduces high blood pressure (1)
  • Immediate Past President-non voting
  • 147 content
  • 0″ LCD workout display
  • High cholesterol (4)
  • The use of assistive devices, including canes and walkers, to assist in improving mobility
  • Accept transition and you can’t please everyone
  • Managing the “fight or air travel” response which is related to stress

I reserved the theory that I’d survey the offerings and decide on dinner with the information I could collect. When I’m “working,” I always like to wait before the event has ended before eating meals. My first event finished with five minutes to spare before I would have to be a stop away on the stage of the Poncan Theater for the arts and humanities council concert.

It was raining, too. I ran down the street in the rain actually. I can’t do something like that without immediately being flooded with thoughts of how within my heaviest, it would have been impossible to go as quickly. I managed to get just with time. After an instant store run and a brilliant quick visit with mom, It was created by me home to get ready for a late dinner. Now it’s time to drop in bed! Done✅✅✅ Coffee move earned.