2019 Philanthropy Buzzwords #4 And #5

Now, just a little hubris is in order. Like “aligned trading,” I can lay a fairly good claim to presenting coined the term open up philanthropy (though William Safire may need to weigh in on the actual etymology). But something doesn’t get buzzword position until others begin to utilize it – so here you go, this post from the MIT Media Lab researcher Ed Boyden presents a “free market for research and donors” that the telephone calls open philanthropy. Here’s another, rather different undertake the idea by blogger Mark Surman, an “Open Philanthropy Fellow” in the Shuttleworth Foundation in Cape Town, SA.

And then there is this article by Paul Brest, President of the Hewlett Foundation on checking information resources for donors – essentially open philanthropy. And, in researching the blog archive for this post I noticed I hadn’t named “aligned trading” a buzzword, so I’ll go ahead and do this now. Aligned Investing. Several more links about it can be found here.

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  • Banner’s projected discretionary financing necessary for 2015 is
  • Read the Word one hour each day, start with half an hour and build up to an hour
  • Increasing Return to Scale ( Decreasing Cost)

Examples are beauty/locks care, newspapers, periodicals, present items, etc. You may want to add categories for child treatment expenses, school tuition, loans, charity/donations, and savings for big purchase items. Don’t ignore to include expenses that don’t take place on a monthly basis such as insurance (which might be quarterly). Separate the total payment by twelve and monthly put that amount away. Sticking to your budget.

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