Microblading Semi Permanent Makeup

The microblading method is the hottest new trend that has progressively become popular throughout North America. Actually, year in Toronto this technique is conquering over the last. This method is very effective mainly for individuals who look to enhance the brow shaping, sparse, and arch to get the most natural delicate eyebrows.

This really sounds like magic isn’t it? But Is this long term or semi-permanent! Microblading method is semi-permanent- makeup procedure and vary on results depending on which procedure and technique that the artist use, as blade sizes, amount of pigment implanted, and the most important is the pressure onto the skin. How this process becomes being long term? The specialist must implant the pigment at the right level so when artists aren’t sure what the right level is, this can carry on to be a permanent makeup tattooing, where in fact the pigment will go deep into the dermis.

How Microblading technique is to use exactly? This method is an operation implanting pigment into the skin utilizing a hands-tool pen with multiple mini micro cutting blades, that only focuses on the two top levels of the skin. The pigment switches into the basal membrane, no further than the border between your epidermis and the dermis and the amount of pigment implanted must be sufficient.

How long the semi-permanent makeup lasts? How the first session in at Unyozi Beauty would be like? During the comprehensive appointment we discuss your desired final result and walk you through the task steps and healing stages. Shirley will also execute a color match and together with the client will design the best form for your eyebrows. The microblading treatment itself takes 20 to half an hour, but the assessment, medical history, color match, form design, treatment, and the aftercare will all take approx 2 hours. At unYozi Beauty, we carefully choose the pigment color to match your hair and skin tone for the most natural-looking results.

  • Necklace: Winter Winds Necklace (TSR)
  • Laureth 4
  • 2 years back from Jamaica
  • Never share eye makeup, even with family or close friends
  • Apply a wetness hurdle ointment, cream or paste to safeguard the epidermis
  • 8 years back from Hemet, Ca
  • Mars chocolate

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