Smiley: Offering Salvation To Their Callers

Dear Smiley: The other day I was visiting with my parents, Mae and T. Med Hogg, and we were discussing every one of the sinister calls we get these days and our reactions to them. I told my parents I don’t answer the call if the number is unknown even. My mother said they are asked by her if they know Jesus as their personal savior, and they hang up quickly.

Daddy replied, “Well, I much do a similar thing pretty. Dear Smiley: In the first 1970s, my fuel money was lean but my thumb was strong. Fortunately, I had an upper-class friend named Fred. Hed I want to catch a lift in his Beetle past due Fridays if he was going near Covington.

Fred had perfected Beetle “drafting.” He’d get near the end of a speeding 18-wheeler trailer and save a few pennies before driver flashed lighting to protest us. One trip home, on our way along the interstate, Fred broke away from a pickup truck at the complete time we hit a huge clearing. His Beetle lifted up and laterally jumped several feet in the air as a solid wind caught us.

It was one of the more educational experiences, away from the classroom, that I acquired at LSU ever. Dear Smiley: In the ’60s at Edwards Air Force Base in southern California, where I had been chaplain, the Mercury Simulator was using in the Aerospace Test Pilot School to get ready potential astronauts for future flights. Col. John Prodan was the school’s programs director, responsible for the Mercury Simulator.

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That was an incredible experience for me personally, the “sky pilot” (chaplain). Dear Smiley: On the comeback trip from Houston I stopped at a Cracker Barrel restaurant to use the restroom. WHILE I pulled into the parking lot there were few car parking spaces available. But right in the front there was several parking spaces available, with an indicator that read “For TO LOOK Only.” THEREFORE I parked in one of them. Until now I didn’t realize that there was a reserved car parking spot for individuals who needed to go. Dear Smiley: Eight years ago we transferred to a three-story house on my wife’s total condition which I set up an elevator to permit our maturing parents to easily visit.

The elevator worked well fine all week, but it wouldn’t proceed Saturday when our parents seen. I reset it as instructed by technology support and it worked well. Weekend and a couple times more than it just happened the next. Each right time I reset the computer and it worked well again. I became very demanded and frustrated they distribute a technician.

He wanted to come Sunday night time to check it out. After an intensive inspection, he couldn’t find any malfunctions, which started raising my blood circulation pressure. Then he asked if we were Jewish. Perplexed at the relevant question, we replied, “No, we are Baptists.” A good laugh ensued. It turns out a Sabbath was got by the elevator setting up for Orthodox Jews, where it doesn’t move ahead Saturdays when they can not buy trust use a machine. One flip of a switch and we were golden! He can be reached by mail at P also.O. Box 588, Baton Rouge, LA 70821. Follow Smiley Anders on Twitter, @SmileyAndersAdv.

Oreo features here because of its entire activity rather than one advertising campaign, though its agile marketing during Super Bowl 2013 is the find of the number certainly. Oreo’s activity shows how simple yet effective that reactive or agile marketing can be when combined with social media. The writing of Oreo’s content is impressive for a cookie that hasn’t transformed for many years. Within a sector like FMCG, this level of sharing and earned media effectively saves Oreo some ATL budget and generates brand awareness with effective level.

In March 2014 Facebook users, but also Instagram and Twitter users, we’re taking selfies with no make-up on nominating other people to do the same then. This was intended to raise knowing of and money to fight cancer. Whilst this didn’t start as a marketing campaign for Cancer Research UK, its team was agile to react in real-time and jump on to the tendency enough.