Additional Support From Private Funders

The City of Richmond, together with Richmond Public Schools (RPS) and the Richmond Public Schools Education Foundation, outlined the poverty reduction initiative RVA Future Centers today at the Armstrong High School Future Center. RVA Future Centers have launched in every five comprehensive city high schools this semester. Future Centers are dedicated class room spaces within each school building that are source hubs for connecting students and their own families to college and career planning resources.

Each Future Center is staffed with a full-time site planner, who develops and implements a school-specific plan to participate all students in developing a personal arrange for life after high school, year starting in their ninth grade. Future Center staff work closely with RPS guidance staff and community organizations providing college and career planning assistance such as GRASP.

“Usage of opportunity makes all the difference in a person’s life. 425,000 to the RPS Education Foundation to begin the program. Additional support from private funders, including AT&T, Altria, Capital One, and the Mary Morton Parsons Foundation, this year has allowed this program to open in all five schools. “RVA Future will meet a crucial need inside our schools and our communities-the need to provide youth the guidance and support needed first to create big dreams and then to realize them.

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