CQC Safeguarding Policies, Templates & Toolkits

QCS provide specific adult safeguarding plan layouts and Safeguarding toolkits in our full, CQC Compliant, Care Management system. The QCS treatment management system is actually comprehensive, with 250 unique insurance policies and methods over, made to take you through every part of owning a care business, whether a domiciliary treatment agency, care and attention home, GP surgery or dentist. Safeguarding operates throughout the machine. Complementing the specific safeguarding policies, and ensuring that your service users are protected from potential abuse, regardless of the care setting.

Safeguarding is a wide-ranging term that encompasses having suitable procedures, techniques, and risk assessments in place to protect service users who may for one reason or another, often dictated by their personal circumstances, be susceptible to abuse. Safeguarding agreements are therefore key to ensuring service user wellness and is exactly why QCS has created a specific policy and Mock Inspection Toolkit workbook to ensure that it’s central to care management.

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The CQC Protocol on Safeguarding has been made to support Key Lines of Enquiry and the principles for determining the way the CQC inspectorate ensure that service users are being secured and their privileges and choices respected. It is a fundamental facet of their work and it is encapsulated with medical and Sociable Treatment Action 2008 directly. The QCS management system mirrors this by making certain all policies encourage people to live their life free abuse.

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