I am SO stoked because of this day! There is a new illustrator for Paper Makeup Stamps and I’ve just been sitting with this information for way too long! I just LOVE her style! Mucha (which is my dad’s favorite artist, therefore I grew up with Mucha Paintings adorning the halls of my house!).

Her name is Cynthia Liu. She actually is from Toronto and has this fantastic advantage quality about her just! You can travel to her blog to see more of her fantastic work. You can buy her prints even! Go for print prices and info here! This new collection of girls are called The Moody Girls.

  • Cats or dogs
  • 1 – Image Skincare Vital C Serum
  • The perfect pair of shoes
  • One (1) Point Guard
  • Sample resume and cover letter
  • Then use a setting spray after to emulsify your basis and natural powder products

I just thought it was so fun! I’m an extremely moody person. But if you ask me, a moody person shows all different types of feelings! There is a lot about a person in their moods just! And you can tell these gals have a tale! Ok, onto my card! I thought we would use Moody for Art!

Now I will say, many of the design associates said that the moody girls intimidating them! So many details to color! Every single one of these said they ADORED the moody girls after coloring! They may be so much fun just! I really like them because I feel like I could do their makeup! Please, don’t forget to check out the PMS blog to start to see the rest of the Moody Girls! On September 7th in RUBBAH They will be released!

I looked, “what does it indicate to be fairly” on Google, searching for her secret. Of learning how she can it Instead, I came across this! Thank you, day this has made my, week, month, year, and even school! Hi, LGLavender–I’m so glad you found this! For the record, I believe the “secret” to being the sort of person people admire is to do the best you can at being you. That might appear cheesy but it’s absolutely true! I tried writing essays that didn’t quite feel “true” and do okay but nothing at all special. Once I here began writing, I found people wished to read what I got to say really.

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