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A great deal of Americans own guns. Most are not NRA members. I’m not. I own weaponry. If the NRA attempted to dominate America I’ll assure you one thing: it might be one hell of a fight. And what is “proper government control”? Governments are not supposed to control anything. Governments are only supposed to “protect”.

Governments do that by passing laws and regulations and executing them, but these laws and regulations must be examined by the representatives of the folks and the courts. No law can (should) order one to do anything. That would be the initiation of force. Laws should only order people not to kill one another, not to take from each other, and not the kidnap each other – protection. Police, Armies, Courts, and Jails.

  • Deal with it = Tough cookies
  • Systems security analyst
  • Demolition nears for former St. Andrew’s Church in St. Paul after preservation battle
  • Maintain and upgrade plans
  • 650 or Better: Lending Club is a great option for debtors with good credit ratings
  • Establish Financial Viability of the Project
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  • Cleaning and laundry charges

That’s the idea. Lawful restrictions which order Peter to pay Paul are immoral, if Paul just wants a ‘fair share’ of marbles. Living “on top of the hog”? It is not immoral to be wealthy. The rich spend cash and help support the economy. They have been incapable, up to now, to rule our planet, but many governments have attempted.

Even Hitler, who was simply a billionaire (he stole his prosperity) tried it – but he was the federal government. The top of the meals chain? Bad comparison. We aren’t fish in America. We can take up a business any moment we like and be rich. Or we can save more than a retire and lifetime in comfort. It is a selection. We aren’t forced to remain poor yet, however the nationwide government is working on it. The ‘law of the jungle’ only exists in less free countries, such as China – where the rich corrupt government officials who then make immoral laws. Lawful restrictions which cannot be evaluated by anyone. China has a ‘food chain’, but in America less.

Possibly – if government authorities grow unchecked. We do not serve the wealthy – we provide the national authorities. The wealthy must use ‘law’ in order to make you serve them. Force one to buy health insurance for example. You imagine that MEDICAL HEALTH INSURANCE companies aren’t raking in the gains?