HAVE YOU CONSIDERED These Financial Risks?

Luckily it is not as hard as it might seem to upgrade your risk management systems. Simple checklists can make for effective screens amazingly. These email address details are for the Altman Z-Score, which measures the amount to which a stock resembles companies that have gone out of business in the past.

Steering free from this kind of stock could save us a great deal of pain over time. This Z-Score raises several concerns for shopping center landlord Hammerson (LON: HMSO), which scores a 1.39 – below the cut-off point that indicators potential distress. The Z-Score has proven very effective in predicting business stress.

Steering clear of stocks that fail these assessments means you are avoiding companies that show similar financial characteristics to companies that have gone bankrupt in the past, often as a result of having a weak balance sheet. The problem areas for Hammerson identified here can be explored in more depth on Stockopedia’s research platform. Best wishes investors have stringent due diligence procedures that reduce the likelihood of them suffering big losses, why not take a leaf out of their publication? Simple tools can help us better measure and understand the risks we take. That’s why the Stockopedia team has been active in building new means of understanding investment risks and company characteristics.

In this webinar, we talk about two or our most popular enhancements: StockRank Styles and RiskRatings. These indications transform a huge amount of vital financial information into intuitive classifications, allowing you to get an instant feel for just about any company on any market – join a free trial to see how your stocks stack up.

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