Hortaleza Hair Coloring Cream Review

Hair dye at home versus salon has many benefits and drawbacks. Among the explanations why I’ve made a decision to apply hair dye at home is basically because I wish to lessen my beauty treatment expenses. I am coloring my locks for greater than a decade. Usually I go to a salon every after a few months or 4 a few months (Hair dye, haircut, manicure, and pedicure).

Tonight I’m going to be posting my Hortaleza hair color cream review, known as HBC locks coloring cream also. HBC is one of the leading health insurance and beauty retail store in the Philippines (They also sell some personal and home-maintenance systems at very reasonable prices). My original hair color is black, and my last hair color was golden brown as you can see on the image.

I plan to dye my locks red or something Burgundy but I opted to choose parish. Dec I purchased the beauty box last. 1.23). I purchased this together with other 2-beauty containers (Enchanting eye and beaming face). I was honestly disappointed with the full total result because as you can plainly see on the photo, it didn’t turn out dark brown. Instead, my hair turned out so black. I implemented the instructions inside the package except for your skin level of sensitivity test (Dabbing a little amount of the combination behind the hearing/on the elbow).

Stained my fingernails so very bad, and my epidermis (I’ve used cooking soda pop with lemon detergent liquid soap, nail Polish remover, toothpaste, hydrogen peroxide, soap scrub, petroleum jelly, and lotion to eliminate the stain on my nails but it didn’t work). I will not repurchase dark brown coloring cream because black hair doesn’t compliment me.

I prefer something lighter like my previous hair color (Golden brown), ash blonde, or burgundy. I might try light Havana because I’ve seen a review about any of it and I like the color (However the reviewer said, it made her hair dry). Overall, Hortaleza hair coloring cream made my locks look healthy. At least it was able to equally color my hair (Including the gray locks).

I’ll buy 12% oxidizing cream next time to attain lighter hair color. Thank you for reading dear CMT visitors! I hope you find this post helpful. My question for you: is it possible to recommend me any drugstore hair color brands and shades that you think my work for me personally? Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored review.

I only ordered the merchandise online or offline; because I wanted to try other brands that I believe might be useful for me personally. I am not paid out or I am not affiliated with HBC. All what I’ve written was based on my personal experience here, viewpoint, goals.

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