Is Twitter’s Bias To The Left?

Does Twitter has the to do might be found? Should Twitter ban anybody? Is Twitter’s bias to the left? Is not going to exist a lot longer Twitter. The chilly hard truth is that Twitter is not practical economically. But what is particularly interesting about this Dotcom Bomb v. 2.0 are two items. One, if you look at their cash flow statement nearly all “investments” they make are not in property, flower, or equipment, but marketable securities (shares and bonds). This would be normal if Twitter was a hedge account or an investment bank or investment company. 1.8 billion loans into the stock market is a better investment.

Two, the media’s BLATANT try to mask Twitter’s financial problems as “growing aches and pains” or simply “standard operating treatment” for a start up (search any new article about Twitter’s finances). I’m sorry, but NO, this is the same BS I noticed in the run up to the Dotcom bubble and the casing bubble as well.

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Charlatan Wall Street talking minds drowning you with Pablum to obfuscate the fact this company is a money-losing craphole and has no value. Ultimately, my point about Twitter is not one of economics or funds. It isn’t even one of politics. It’s one of a school of thought. Look, yes, I know may have a bias against anybody-not-left Twitter. I know Twitter likely has leftists working at its helm and in its ranks. And I know it’s dishonorable to ban people because of their political opinions. Nonetheless, it ultimately doesn’t matter what Twitter will politically because unless it’s bailed out by a rich benefactor, it will inevitably run out of money and turn off.

The only way it can persist is if the democrat party (or a branch thereof) continues to perpetually account it as a money-losing, but press-releasing mass media arm (that i wouldn’t normally be surprised if they actually). Otherwise, may I suggest for both of you on the right and remaining who use it as a public press press-release tool to begin to find an alternative? Because that which cannot continue permanently, won’t. Aaron Clarey is a mean, hate loaded economist who unleashes his hatred upon society by telling the truth and putting actuality above people’s emotions. You can hire him at his consultancy, Asshole Consulting. You may also buy his latest reserve “Curse of the High IQ” where he clarifies why you are surrounded by a global full of idiots.

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Lance Roberts lately pointed out that that US households have equity positions equal to pre-Lehman Crisis levels and cash allocations are in near historical lows. Dana Lyons verified the conclusions of the AAII asset allocation survey with this analysis, and pointed out that US households are most committed to stocks since 2000, season of the NASDAQ peak the. What is the importance of the existing reading?