The Epicurean Dealmaker

Well, it’s in regards to a week since I unplugged from the Matrix interpersonal media by means of Twitter. Up to now, the Prozac, Xanax, and vodka tonics have held my DTs (delirium tweeters) to a dull roar. But I must admit I can’t resist feeling for the empty plug in the rear of my skull once in a while, and I miss all the wonderful imaginary admirers and friends I had formed gathered there.

The call-and-response format of the medium is highly addictive to prolix egomaniacs such as myself, and its own realtime interruptions and interruptions are a pleasing way to fill the frequent, dull downtime which plagues an investment banker’s day-to-day existence. One may begin to believe it was specifically designed to keep specimens such as me plugged happily into the battery hemorrhoids of our Silicon Valley overlords.

  • Remaster multidimensional IT to create multi-level business value
  • Based in Canada and/or the U.S
  • Properties bought on or after April 6 1998 the gain is at the mercy of taper relief
  • Related celebrations when the eye wasn’t at the mercy of federal tax,
  • 3rd and subsequent Housing Loan
  • Experience with constant integration, automation and version control systems
  • Kalpataru Power Transmission Limited

At least for the present time, however, I remain escaped and at large. In addition to all the flattering attention and ego gratification, I skip the constant stream of clever tidbits, quotations, and links that people I implemented fed into the stream. I also miss sharing the intriguing and amusing nuggets which I discovered with my followers. This forum is not appropriate for such-at least, just how I’ve traditionally used it-and I have no intention of shaking one demanding monkey off my back only to transform this site into another.

There is also the question of appropriateness, since I already try the persistence of those readers who come to the site anticipating wisdom-or at least amusing tirades-about things financial with poetry, pictures, and other innumerate drivel. Perhaps I am going to find a real way to share such items in yet another way. I am experimenting these days. In any event, friends, family, and colleagues in the real world appear to be happy with my recent return to distracted consciousness. The only person who’s displeased with me is the Woman in Red truly, who complains I have left behind her to other, less attentive digital louts. Personally I think bad about this Sometimes. But then I remember she doesn’t really exist anyway.

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How Much Should You Have in Retirement Savings? What Percent of Income Should Higher Income Earners Save For Retirement? Do You will need a Personal Strategic Plan? Start Retirement Uses a 4% Withdrawal Rate A discussion of the 4% withdrawal concept, from Time Magazine. For a far more detailed dialogue, see Wikipedia. Social Security Income Estimator: the official site. For an approximation, see this web site, or my graph. For lists of other popular content and an index of currency markets posts, by subject area, see the sidebar to the left or your blog header near the top of the page.