What The Hell Just Happened (Ringed City DLC)?

What the hell just occurred (Ringed City DLC)? You’re browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Sign Up for free (or Log In if you currently have a merchant account) to be able to post messages, change how text messages are displayed, and view press in posts. 1. The actual hell just occurred (Ringed City DLC)? THEREFORE I just journeyed to the DLC and there was an NPC at the beginning. I informed her I had fashioned no business with her thinking she would make a difference later as I just started the section. I drop down and these crawling skeleton foes start showing up.

Okay, no big I believe. The NPC then just shows up with the opponents and starts attacking me and then gets wiped out by the opponents and says now she’ll become an angel while I get clobbered by the huge enemy. I respawn at the bonfire and she actually is there dead so I grab her ashes and take them back again to Firelink in which the old handmaid says I killed her.

The hell just occurred? Was she likely to drop down and start fighting the enemies and then get killed? The npc was killed by you. Now she’s an angel. You killed the net. Now she’s an angel. But I didn’t destroy her? She just appeared down there (like warped in) and began attacking the foes and the ENEMIES wiped out her, not me. I assume what I’m asking is have I screwed myself over in terms of progression/completion because this odd bug happened? You wiped out the net. Now she’s an angel. But I didn’t destroy her?

She just made an appearance down there (like warped in) and began attacking the opponents and the ENEMIES wiped out her, not me. I guess what I’m requesting is have I screwed myself over in conditions of progression/completion because this weird bug occurred? Doesn’t seem to enjoy it was likely to. The only thing she did was sell a weapon, some embers, and like a blessing plus some gold coins.

That was about it. She was got by you ashes, you can purchase the same things. Her purpose is small and that. Enjoy your split-leaf is. Where is this NPC? The girl at the very start, who looks like those hunchbacked nomads with a shell on their back? The oddest thing concerning this is that NPCs don’t normally aggro mobs. Why would they even give her a fighting moves? I don’t think she even turns hostile when you beat on her! 1. The actual hell just happened (Ringed City DLC)?

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