YOU ARE ABLE TO Create Your Own Bot

The BOT like Android app gives you to produce and train your own talk bot, and talk about it with your friends, from your Android phone, tablet, or device. The chat bots have artificial intelligence and are capable of learning through conversation. You can create your own bot, or chat with other individuals bots.

Chat Rooms – Create your own talk room to talk about with your friends, colleagues, or customers. Add your bot to your chat room, and it shall chat and learn from others. Forums – Create your own forum to share with friends and family, colleagues, or customers. Domains – Create your own private or business space to web host your chat stations, community forums, and bots.

When you hook up to BOT live, you can now choose to browse or create bots, forums, live chat stations, or domains. Browse lets you search content by category, label, or filters, and order the results by several difference options. You can even choose the last bot, or content that you accessed. The browse result provides you an order list of this content to chose from.

While communicating with a bot, you can now control your screen usage, either increasing the bot’s image by tapping onto it, or hiding it but dual tapping on the discussion pane. Several new admin options have been added, including: – Users – Control who can access your bot, and who can administer it.

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Voice – Choose and configure the voice, and language utilized by your bot. Learning – Configure how your bot learns, and who’s discovering from. Training – Set your bot’s greeting phrases, and default phrases to use when it generally does not know any response. Train your bot with question/answer pairs. Avatars and Icon – Change your bot’s icon, or add images because of its avatar, and label images with feelings.

You can now browse or create your own live talk channels, and boards. You can chat with your friends, customers, or co-workers, or add your bot to a chat room, and let people speak to it, and have it learn from others. You can create public or private stations, and can control who can access your route. You can now browse or create your own forums. You can ask questions and find answers on the BOT line forums, browse other user’s forums, or create your own forums. You can create open public or private discussion boards, and can control who can access your discussion board.

The BOT like mobile application accesses the same bots, chat channels, community forums, and machines as the BOT live website. You can gain access to the bots you create from the app on the web. The web interface includes several other features, including, chat logs, Twitter bots, email bots, IRC bots, AIML, and Self-script development, and lets you search your bot’s brain.