How To Choose Perfect Foundation

Today’s topic is absolutely accumulating from yesterday’s epidermis undertones and periods post. Because, truthfully, you should know if you should be buying a warm or cool toned base, before you can just buy one. If you are warm toned, and you’re applying an awesome toned foundation, you really can make yourself look older, tired, and sick!

So if you haven’t yet, read yesterday’s post before you go into today’s subject. I remember when my mom taught me for the first time choosing a foundation. I wager a lot of you were told to do this too! Test the color on the trunk of your hand, or within your arm. The hands, arms, and any part of the body are a different shade than that person. It makes sense. When you drive your car, your arms shall get more sunlight than that person, and even if you apply SPF they will be more tan than that person.

And I can go on. Our hands are most subjected to the sun, so it is really win idea to check the foundation there. Another thing is the fact that shops are lit artificially. It is rather seldom that you can find a makeup retailer with windows and daylight (in South Africa anyway).

All these things make it more challenging! If you’re fortunate to have natural light at the beauty store, great! You’re going to need a mirror, a compact mirror will be fine. It is advisable to take it along, cause you never know how busy the shop’s going to be and if someone else is going to hog the mirror there.

  • Skin that ages faster
  • Don’t overdry the affected area
  • They improve blood flow and muscle firmness
  • Learning about what sort of substances are suitable in mineral makeup helps, too
  • Change in color or size

When you want to test a foundation, test it on your jawline. This is actually the best place to test drive it, because chances are your throat is a color or two lighter than that person. Your face makes an “umbrella” for your neck and blocks some of the sun! So you need something near to the skin on your face, and you should always bring it down on your chest and neck.

So now you understand how to check the color, but what type of foundation should you get? Liquid foundation is the most popular type of base. It’ll come in a container or plastic tube. 30-40ml product, and it can range between cheap to an arm and a knee really. It can be applied by you with the hands, a sponge or a brush.