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Hyaluronic Acid Brighting Jelly Mask from Annie’s Way! Before anyone tries to call me out on fake sponsored articles, you can check out my earlier un-sponsored reviews of YesStyle from 2 years ago, here, here and here. I don’t have time for fake paid reviews. The mask is packed in a lovely pastel printed paper wrapping with English translation of the Mandarin instructions, which is fantastic because I am awful at reading Mandarin absolutely. The mask is made in Taiwan, my boyfriend’s home! The product packaging is substantial but very practical. It’s made of plastic so it’s light-weight and won’t break if you drop it.

It also includes a thin plastic material covering between the product and the cover so the mask won’t spill into the cap. The mask is very thick and literally like gentle jelly, and that means you can tip the mask over without it spilling out! The mask acquired a security seal so you know it hasn’t been opened up, and it was included with the spatula to use the mask with.

You will in actuality need the spatula to get the mask off too, so it’s extra-amazing that YesStyle are offering this free as their regular promotion! They are the immediate results of before and after the mask was used. You’ll have to zoom to start to see the results, but my skin looks more hydrated and my pores appear just a little smaller.

There is an extremely small difference! Month useful Listed below are the results after one. I’m currently massively breaking from my chin due to a fresh serum that I’m trialing (damn you, Shiseido Ultimate serum!) but there’s very little I could do about that. I found that the mask lightened some of the smaller scars but didn’t really make my face whiter. It did make it brighter for a brief period of time, but if I missed one session of the mask then your brightness would also stop.

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I discovered that the mask hydrated my skin a lot, so that it plumped out the finer lines and wrinkles on my mouth area and forehead, while also helping to remove a few of the dead epidermis from the acne around my chin. Chin Makeup Comparison. This is where you can view the best difference, since it was used midway through my trial (before my breakout). Makeup always gets caught in the very gross acne on my chin. Exfoliation and micro-dermabrasion didn’t help, but the mask absolutely helped truly.

I wouldn’t recommend it if it didn’t. Usually need to purchase Spatula separately, which is silly since it is needed by one to use the mask effectively. I love this mask really! I wasn’t particularly expecting to like it as much as I do, even though I’d heard Bubz raving about any of it in a couple of Vlogs and favorite videos!

I believe that the mask works effectively and immediate brightening results, but mostly that it really hydrates the skin and plumps it up which helps hide the appearance of fine lines. I’ll definitely be using this whole tub and attempting a different version next time! Thanks so much to YesStyle for sending this product for me to review! You can win your very own Jelly Mask by entering my giveaway! This giveaway is open too, so anyone can get into internationally!

Lets face it. The use of a high-quality men’s natural skin care brand is exactly what you need to be able to help your skin to be healthy. Many people don’t realize how much your skin layer advantages from being treated with natural compounds. They have properties that make them more effective than whatever man could ever envision creating for your skin.

I believe that the question has crossed your mind that if all natural products are so excellent for your skin, then why is there no more of them available? That is clearly a legitimate query on your part, and an answer is got by me for you. The reason that we now have so few natural products being provided by the cosmetics industry is that the majority of the firms simply don’t want to get the money. It would be ideal if you were able to walk into any store and grab a men’s natural skin care brand, but that is not the way that things are.