Love Yourself Fearlessly!

When I was in the center of my codependency, I needed many spiritual educators inform me, “You should be alone.” I used to be so needy and codependent, I used to be restless without a man. I had a need to have the stability of another person to feel like I was entire. Once I began doing energy work, hypnotherapy, this restlessness to calm. I became more grounded.

This grounding gave me the courage to be by itself. It truly was what I needed. When I was alone, I began to better know and understand myself, because I was becoming authentic. Within a relationship, I was not me. I had been a shell of my real self. I experienced so insecure, that I felt if I acted like myself, no-one would want me. Whenever we don’t love ourselves, we are unhappy with this lives.

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Things don’t work properly because we are out of balance. We may work way too, hard too, or shop such as a crazy person. We frequently have addictions when we don’t love ourselves. I did certainly. We might even cascade in one dependence on another while we heal. To be happy in a relationship, we have to have self-respect. Without self-respect, others won’t respect us. When our partner doesn’t respect us, they usually badly treat us.

They may cheat, lie, or treat us with disrespect. Self-respect means we aren’t afraid to operate for our beliefs. When we have self-respect, we say what we feel and do what we say. We speak our truth, instead of wanting to please others by agreeing with them. Whenever we have self-respect, you often make decisions that are unpopular with others.

Without self-respect, you may fear that others won’t as if you go against what they believe. People might become furious with you for doing so even. However, when you operate for what you think, you will be respected, rather than disrespecting. You shall not believe that you are expressing your truth. Being genuine means that you speak your truth and stand up for your beliefs. You Are So Sexy!

When you can stand up confidently for what you would like, believe and feel, you shall find a person who is fired up from your self-confidence. An assured person is more sexy when compared to a needy one infinitely. A needy person can never be made happy because they don’t really love themselves. Their love-tank is bare. It could be filled by another person never. This is where I come in. I help you begin to love yourself fearlessly. Through my coaching and courses you will grow and shift your perspective realizing that you enough are deserving and already.

You each have what you need inside you, I simply help you uncover the reality of your being. Today Beginning, I am offering a very special opportunity to help you eliminate concerns, worry, brain chatter – gain clarity, concentrate, grounding, and inner tranquility. 540 values. E-mail me for even more questions. AWESOME, I WAS REALY FOGY, NEGATIVE AND WITHOUT ANY WILL POWER AFTER THE CLEARING I Calm Was feeling, HAPPY RECOMMEND YOUR ENERGY CLEARINGS TO ANYONE. I feel so different after your energy clearing treatment. Personally I think I can remove now. I was so tired, I could not keep my eyes open before.

I viewed your YouTube video as I lay down during intercourse before sleep and it was angelic. How do I thank you enough? I Recommend Jennifer’s energy clearing. THANK YOU for your help Jennifer! You’re an incredible girl – very loving and motivating! Love & Light for you & your family, especially your question dog karma! Dear Jennifer, I waited a couple of days to make sure the feeling stays.Have to let you know: I had formed a pain on my left chest for the last 8 weeks. We couldn’t find any description except stress and bad feelings.