JUST HOW MUCH Is A Human Life Worth?

In the prior one, I discussed how any advice on how much to give will be fundamentally arbitrary. How much is a human life worthy of? Now, bear beside me. First, that your donation (investment) will be used effectively and efficiently. Second, your donation (investment) will be used with similar levels of performance and efficiency across all causes and across all organizations.

Third, you will be able to measure a come back on that donation (investment) that will justify the amount of money you devote. I write about the first condition all the time. The next two require metrics that can accurately measure social change and life improvement caused by an organization’s efforts. This technique of social result measurement would be able to quantify the social output from an organization, and therefore, tell you your return on a cultural investment.

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While some have attempted to do this, I am uncertain it is accessible, or something investors should seek out. This isn’t obtainable because, fundamentally, it requires the measurable value of the individual life–whether that be at the individual, group of societal level. To know how much change your cash is creating, you’ll need to be in a position to quantify that visible change.

Change is always devoted to improving individual’s lives and an improvement of a life can only be assessed if that life can be assessed. We, as humans, don’t have the tools (or most likely the consciousness) to do this. Determining the worthiness of life has been tried, but using money to value humanity isn’t much unique of letting monkeys work out how many bananas their friends are worth. I encourage one to be considered a Qualit in your investments and in every thing. Quants have their place–we must measure what we can to determine what is working and what’s not. However when pushed much too, cultural change measurements will usually fall apart.

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