Did ‘RHOBH’s Dorit Kemsley Have Plastic Surgery?

Dorit Kemsley has was facing gossips of potential plastic surgeries lately, due to what some have claimed is a fresh face. Then, earlier this month, after the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast member shared a throwback photo of herself, those rumors were further fueled. Although Dorit, a married mom of two, is still faced with surgery gossips as she remains silent, her alleged new face could simply be the result of weight loss, fillers, and energy devices. What is the doctor stating about Dorit’s new look?

Blasting News: Being a surgeon, what’s the most apparent change in Dorit’s face that the truth is in before and after photos? Jason Emer: Now, she’s much more chiseled and leaner. You can see a great deal of tightening up along the jawline and chin, a lot of elevation in the cheek, more open up the eye and easy skin extremely.

BN: What do you think prompted these changes? Gleam great deal now in the press of women really looking to get very chiseled features, such as lateral cheeks and defined jawline and chin. We’re kind of in the year now of the jawline and chin. In the past couple of years it was a complete great deal of cheek focus, then it was lips, and now it’s really chins, and jawline focused, which you can tell with her really, as well as having a good neck.

A lot of superstars right now, than over-filling through fillers and shaping rather, are looking to really tighten the skin through energy devices, which looks a complete lot more natural and keeps them looking younger as time goes on. BN: Could Don’t dramatic new look to be the consequence of only fillers or do you suspect another thing (or multiple surgeries) had to have been done?

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JE: It is rather hard to inform if she’s had surgery, After all even if she did it probably would’ve been minimal. Really based on the throat, chin, and jawline if anything she could experience a mini-lift surgery or something similar. She looks extremely natural and young making me doubt it was surgery, I have a feeling it’s her learning to be a little leaner, more diet and exercise, in addition to a little bit of fillers but mainly those energy devices maybe. Things such as Thermage and Fractora, which both use radio-frequency energies to tighten your skin and are extremely popular in Hollywood right now because of their minimal downtime.

The volume of her cheek, chin, temple, and lips could be related to fillers or Sculptra, which can be an injectable collagen that grows over time and not as quickly as the fillers. Even though she’s moving weight on the rest of her body, her face is preserving its volume. She’s a good structure to her skin also.

She could be doing things such as the Vampire Facial, a craze in Hollywood where you use microneedles and PRP your own blood to promote texture on your skin, and obviously laser peel off skincare because her epidermis is so good. Is Dorit Kemsley following Hollywood trends? BN: Is Dorit possibly pursuing any surgery or filler tendencies popular in Hollywood at the moment?

JE: The biggest trends will be the very tight throat, defining jawline and chin, and just a little less size in the quantity of the lips. The cat vision and raised brow are also very popular right now, whether through fillers or Botox to lift those certain areas, or Ultherapy which really is a form of ultrasound to tighten the muscles around those areas.