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I’m Laura, and I am the individual behind the posts (most of them anyway!) at Green in TRUE TO LIFE. So nice to meet you! This blog is all about our metropolitan garden activities with a sprinkle of everyday greener living: growing more, losing less, making small true to life changes that accumulate.

Join me in your garden and beyond. ❀ I love puttering about in your garden, enjoying character, and (of course!) taking photos along the true way. Sharing those images, sharing our experiences in your garden, and our everyday journey in endeavoring to live a far more mindful and sustainable life is the main focus of the blog. If you’re a new visitor, you can read about our terms useful, procedures, and disclosures here.

In addition to this blog’s main concentrate in the garden, other green goodness will pop-up from time to time here. We are (slowly) working towards more sustainable. My aim is to make our “normal” everyday living progressively eco-friendly – changing behaviors, making better choices, and doing our part, bit-by-bit.

Thanks for stopping by to visit the blog and I’d love for you to follow along here or on our cultural media. I really like comments and read every single one, so please take the right time to say hello or share your ideas on some of my posts. When you have your own gardening or green-living-related post, blog, or website and you also think that I or the blog readers may prefer to take a look, dropping your hyperlink is a-ok as well politely. We wish that you soon visit again! Want to work with Green in TRUE TO LIFE as a guest, special contributor, sponsor, or affiliate? Please, get in touch – we’d love to listen to from you.

How did you figure out how to garden? My parents were (and still are) enthusiastic gardeners whenever we were young, and I began growing my own little garden after it relocated into my own home first. I have learned a lot through learning from your errors over the years, as well as seminars, training, and plenty of reference books, websites, and magazines.

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I am still learning on a regular basis, especially as I move between different areas, countries, climates, and growing conditions. Can I include your post in a round-up? You are invited to share our links, link to our content, to pin our content, etc – you can read more about that in our Link with Love section. Blogging is all about writing and hooking up, and it is awesome when you invite your friends and followers to learn things here on your blog. If you’d like, feel free to use one of my photos with a web link back to the original post. Please, don’t duplicate our post content, direct or paraphrased.

If you want to share more than one of my images in your post or if you have a particular request, please email and I’ll do my far better help. I’m very flexible and PR friendly. Do you accept guest posts? We do not seek outdoors content positively, but we do accept visitor posts sometimes. These are limited by interesting original content from knowledgeable sources that suit our niche content and audience. Additional information is available on our Collaborate with Us page and/or via email.

Who designed your blog and graphics? The design was done by me myself. Things are always here changing bit-by-bit around! The template is a basic free blogger layout that is incrementally tweaked and customized over the years to suit my needs. For our graphics and giveaways, the majority of my general design work is performed in either Adobe Illustrator or InDesign.

Do you take your own photographs for the blog? Most images and graphics (excluding guest articles) are my very own, and any outsourced images will be obviously credited. My camera equipment and software have evolved over the full years, but, at the moment, my go-to is my Canon 5D, and I take advantage of Adobe Photoshop for just about any edits and Picasa to make quick colleges.