The Wardrobe Essentials Of French Women

Many women throughout the world admire how French women dress and wish to dress in an identical style. Like you, many would like to know which items are French closet essentials and form the foundation of the French wardrobe. In this article I will be listing them to offer a concept of items you may like to acquire. However, I am going to start by writing with you the concepts that lots of French women follow when making their wardrobes and cultivating their overall look. In the event that you follow these principles, you will eventually understand how to acquire the French closet essentials and understand how to dress just like a French woman.

Simplicity – French women choose clothes that are very simple however you like, almost minimalist. They create outfits that are very simple but add accessories to jazz them up. Timeless Classics – The styles that they prefer are classic classics that stand the test of time. However, these classic garments are by no means frumpy.

French women have a keen eye for contemporary classics or classics with an edgy twist to keep their look uptodate. Modest and womanly – More moderate and womanly styles are chosen rather mini-dresses and cleavage exposing tops or aggressive styles. Elegance, Fit, and Quality – Elegant clothes are chosen in good quality natural materials. Attention is paid to ensuring the clothes fit well.

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Less is more / Mix and Match – French wardrobes are small and predicated on a small collection of simple and highly flexible garments that easily combine and match. A continuing procedure for researching and editing – To be able to stay well outfitted throughout their lives, French women regularly review their wardrobes and discard worn-out or unsuitable items.

An interest in fashion and style – French women like to keep uptodate with fashion and may incorporate some of the current trends into her closet to update her look. French women prefer possess clothes in neutral colors. Types of neutral colors include dark, white, grayish, cream, camel, denim, and navy.

They easily blend and match with each other. They act as a blank canvas against which you can personalize your lifestyle with accessories such as scarves. These are non-memorable. They don’t stand out as much as a color such as red and can be worn more regularly without people realizing. French women often wear the same outfit two days in a row but change the accessories to make it look different.