An Objectivist Individualist

Progressivism used to pretend to soak the rich in order to provide welfare for the poor. To some extent it does what it pretended to do, but it mostly hurt the middle course to provide welfare for the indigent and fake and easy sense of morality to the rich.

Of course the wealthy appeared down on the poor and claimed to make their supposedly miserable lives better even as they shut them off from joining the center class. The platform of the Hillary-run Democratic Party has been proclaimed the most Progressive in terms of its environmental insurance policies ever.

31.5 million on the 2016 advertising campaign with most of his effort targeted at ensuring the Democratic Party has radical and destructive environmental and energy insurance policies. Once again, he is the largest advertising campaign donor so in this election far. The Democrat pledge to get rid of freedom of speech for corporations and for-profit companies is not designed to apply to this businessman’s gigantic donations.

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Under the bought influence of Tom Steyer, the Democrat Party system is the “most intensifying environmental system in the history of the Democratic system or in the annals of American politics”, according to the buyer himself. Steyer boasts that attempts to thwart climate change show up everywhere in the system record. “So that it really isn’t a question of anybody single silver bullet. Of course, the amount of coal mining, gas and oil fracking, railroad, pipeline, and power-seed jobs wiped out is de-emphasized and the amount of so-called green energy careers is greatly exaggerated. The health benefits of using less and less fossil energy are multiplied many times in their imaginative informing of the story plot.

The risks of fossil fuels to the environment are blown to heroic proportions, while those of covering state-sized sunny areas with photovoltaics, boiling parrots with amplified and directed sunshine, and slenderizing wild birds with rotating dicing cutting blades are lost in silence. Not only will the War on Fossil Fuels cause unemployment and the destruction of huge preceding capital investments, but the cost is caused by it of energy to go up greatly.

It also causes energy to be less reliably available. Both increased expense and decreased reliability hurt the indigent and the low middle class the most. They pay a larger fraction of their incomes for energy. So, the Democratic Party “Progressive Environmental Agenda” is absolutely focused on harming the indigent and generally the less than wealthy. The companies go bankrupt right after paying the principal’s great wages and the taxpayers lose the money they loaned the deceptive companies and receive little in enhancements for their grants.

The green companies last longer than they ought to because of additional mandates that their energy result be used to meet unrealistically high quotas. The economic fallacy of the government-directed economy once-again has proven the rule that government direction is vastly inferior to the private sector path. It requires but a little unproductive kick to the head of the private sector to significantly reduce the development of the per capita real private sector income. The brand new big-government real per-capita private sector income growth rate is about 1%. This is actually the growth rate that your new Progressive Democrat program will in actuality try to reduction in the name of the environment.

Most Americans can get to live another 40 years. So under the “Progressive” embraced 1% real per-capita private sector income growth rates, that essential measure of the fitness of the overall economy will be 1. Today 489 times larger than it is. An easily achievable growth rate, with a modest decrease in how big are the government and in regulations, of 2%, gives us a private sector economy which is 2.208 times larger than what our overall economy is now.

A little more effort to reduce the relative size and scope of authorities could achieve a real per-capita growth rate of 3% a 12 months. At the final end of 40 years, the private sector economy would be 3.262 times bigger than it is now. So, the economy desired by the Democrat Party in 40 years is a pip-squeak economy in comparison to that of an economy with a real per-capita growth rate of 3%, such as a smaller federal government overall economy can perform readily. 2.19 times larger. Does big federal government really offer sufficient value to operate it for an overall economy that can easily become more than twice as big in 40 years?