The Evolution of Car Keys

As automobiles have evolved, so has the function of car keys. Car keys now serve two main purposes: to lock and start a car. Cars had no locking doors or ceilings to protect thieves before the invention of car keys. The crank handle and flywheel were the only means of starting a car in the beginning. Today car keys are far more sophisticated. Car keys that are more sophisticated can now be purchased for as high as $400. If you have just about any questions regarding wherever along with the best way to work with locksmith Houston, you possibly can e-mail us from our page.

If you can’t find a working key, the next best thing is to take your vehicle to a locksmith for programming. Locksmiths can program car keys and remotes or FOBs with the help of commercially available software. Programming can be done without removing the old key, which is ideal when one has lost the key. The locksmith can program your car’s keys with ease using their specialized equipment.

In an emergency situation, you might choose to have a new lock made. A locksmith can help you with this, or he can make one on the spot. If your car has an uncommon ignition lock cylinder, however, a locksmith may not have the ability to assist. Older vehicles may require a new ignition lock. In such cases, some independent repair shops or dealers can perform this service. Be aware, however, that key replacement can cause more damage to the key than the original.

The Evolution of Car Keys 1

A new key can be expensive so make sure you have another spare in case your original is lost. Some dealers offer replacement car keys for free, which could save you several hundred dollars. It is better to purchase a spare car key than to incur these expenses. A backup key is necessary in case you lose your spare car key.

The BMW Display key is a new innovative key that mimics a smartphone. It makes a huge splash on the BMW 7 Series. Its LCD touchscreen allows it to operate up to 1,000 feet away. It can open the trunk, control climate control, killer deal and park the car without a driver at the wheel. It can display information about the vehicle, such as speed and volume. And it recharges through a micro-USB connection or wirelessly in the center armrest.

It’s easy to forget your car keys. We have all experienced it at some time in our lives. There are many locksmiths who will be able to repair or replace any type car key. They can repair or replace virtually any type of lock, and most of the time, they can even do it on the spot! You know how frustrating losing your car keys can be. There are many places where you can find a new car key if you don’t own one.

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