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This week we take a look at who may need life insurance coverage and what types of life insurance can be found. Who Needs LIFE INSURANCE COVERAGE? Not everyone needs life insurance coverage. The general rule is that you only need life insurance coverage if you have dependents. Typically, dependents are children who still live at home or have yet to graduate from college.

But a dependent could be anyone who’s financially dependent on you, like a partner, sibling, or an aging parent. Life insurance is generally made for younger, employees with households. Here’s why: Life insurance is meant to replace your “value” to your loved ones once you’re gone. For an operating parent, a big part of this value is your salary.

If you pass away, you’ll want your family to receive enough money to replace your salary for at least another five to seven years. Even if you are a stay-at-home mother or father, you have a financial value to your loved ones still. Suppose you look after two small children. In the event that you die, then your partner should keep working, day treatment, which means the kids will require a nanny or.

You may not need a huge life insurance policy, but a policy can be purchased by you that suits the financial needs of your family. Some individuals buy life insurance policies when they get married, particularly if the insured person makes more money that the spouse considerably, or if the insured or the spouse have other financial dependents either, like parents or siblings.

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Many people buy life insurance coverage when they get pregnant with their first child. Once you have reached retirement age, there’s less of a need for life insurance. Now your kids are likely financially unbiased and you’re preferably already living on retirement savings and investment income. One reason for a mature person to keep a life insurance policy is to provide extra money with regards to the spouse to cover unexpected medical and long-term treatment expenses later in life. Some older people hold onto life insurance policies in an effort to purchase “end of life” expenses like the price of settling a property.

But the most basic reason for retaining a life insurance coverage later in life is also the oldest reason: to pay the cost of your funeral and burial. Another reason to buy life insurance coverage to is to pay for a particular expense. If you buy a home, it’s common to join up for a 30-year mortgage.