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Treatment of dried out skin condition is very important as, if neglected, it can lead to persistent dermatitis. For dry skin treatment, the essential problems in hydration of stratum corneum level of epidermis and in the creation of sebum need to be addressed. The procedure of hydration makes the stratum corneum coating hold sufficient drinking water to make the epidermis supple and healthy. The sebum produced by the sebaceous glands also fills in the intercellular spaces within the stratum corneum and adds to the smoothness and glide of the epidermis.

Any disruption or harm to the above processes leads to dry conditions known as xeroderma requiring proper care and corrective actions. When any nutritional deficiency has experience by the physical body, sebum creation, stratum corneum hydration and shedding of deceased cells (desquamation) are affected. Correction in sebum production and dehydration begins with eating healthy food. Eat food abundant with proteins of both animal and seed source. Food must contain complete protein (containing all the essential amino acids).

This can be achieved by adding some quantities of animal sources of proteins like egg, seafood, milk products and lean meats to your diet. Avoid taking more than sugars, sugar arrangements, soft drinks, sweets and other junk food. Avoid saturated fats whenever you can. Include monounsaturated and polyunsaturated excess fat moderately.

Your food must contain efa’s, omega-6 fatty omega-3 and acid solution fatty acid solution (olive oil, fish and fish essential oil) in required proportions and amounts. Take a lot of fibrous food to avoid constipation, as toxins released by constipated materials in dish can cause dry epidermis and other problems requiring treatment.

Eat food rich in micronutrients like dietary minerals and vitamins, as their deficiencies can cause dehydration and reduced sebum creation. Take supplements if necessary to bridge the dietary deficiencies. Drink plenty of water to keep the epidermal and cells sufficiently hydrated. Up to one liter of safe normal water is recommended for every 20 kg of body weight each day.

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Cut down on smoking and alcohol as both are found to aggravate the dried out condition. Nicotine and alcohol constrict capillaries in your skin and decrease its blood circulation. Caffeine and alcohol, having diuretic effect, remove water from the physical body and cause further problems. Protect yourself from long contact with sun, strong winds, winter and rainfall therefore exposures can disturb your natural protective epidermis layer further. Sun exposure for a long duration dehydrates the stratum corneum and causes oxidative damage to epidermis.

Avoid exposure to strong winds, hot winds and cold climate for longer period as water in the stratum corneum is very quickly lost into the atmosphere. If you work with room or air-conditioning heating unit, the enclosed air tends to become very dried out. Install a room humidifier to safeguard your epidermis from further dehydration. Getting drenched in rain or swimming in a pool, though soaks up your skin layer initially, impacts the lipid stacking holding the moisture in stratum corneum leading to dehydrated epidermal conditions.

For treatment of xerosis of hands and repair of moisture use of gloves in kitchen chores and washing can help. Take shower with lukewarm drinking water; bathing with warm water or cold water further aggravates the dried out condition of the skin. Usually do not take bath more often than once a day. Make the bath as short as possible.

Avoid using chlorinated water for shower as chlorine further eliminates moisture from epidermis. Only use neutral pH bath soaps. Do not use alkaline soaps as they destroy the acid solution mantle of the skin. After shower apply moisturizers to attend the dampness Soon. May be your skin problem is due to cosmetics you utilize. Avoid makeup products with chemicals as your trouble may be due to some of the elements in them.