Album Review: “Beauty And The Beast” Soundtrack

I, as many a human being, am super excited for the premiere of the live-action Beauty and the Beast on March 17th. However now we have the album to get us more excited. However, it’s not doing its job to its fullest potential. I’ve been listening to everything day even though I have discrepancies with various voices and music, while caring new additions and agreements also, but I’ve experienced such a solid feeling to the actual sound never.

Y’all, it noises bad. Now, I think this would be pegged on the audio engineer or editors (I’m not exactly sure of the specific game titles), as it’s the actual overall sound which makes this recording not that great. Throughout the album at various times, the performers sound choppy extremely. As if their voices glitched while singing and jumped to new notes in the song while looking to simultaneously sing the one before it. This may be because of auto-tune, or from bad editing, but either way, it creates the recording sound made.

On top of that, they put Dan Stevens’ voice through, essentially, a tone of voice changing toy you can purchase at the Emporium to make him sound “more beast-like,” which is a big bummer. His new solo, “Evermore,” is beautiful truly. It certainly crescendos into a fairly powerful love song that will become part of the Disney classic lexicon soon.

They may choose to regularly play Josh Groban’s cover, however, as the beast voice cover is a hindrance. Now, with that biggest annoyances out of the way, the voices are great. Emma Watson sings how I’ve thought Belle would sing always. She’s a reserved, nervous, hopeful quality in her voice that is beautiful. She actually is reserved, like Belle just, and that shows on all of her solos. The “Belle (Reprise)” is a superb example as her voice grows to the big climax but is more subtle than prior Belle shows still.

Some tunes have new arrangements including large lyric-less sections, with “Be Our Guest” being the largest offender. Ewan McGregor does a pleasant job on the track, but I’d rather it be regularly moving and not having rather noticeable breaks. Emma Thompson on the title song is GORGEOUS, and though there are many breaks even, this song covers them up well.

She does a phenomenal job (as if she would’ve been bad!) and I now want her in all the Disney musicals. Kevin Smith wants to remake Bedknobs and Broomsticks and I want Emma Thompson in the lead. I can’t offer you an honest, unbiased opinion on “Gaston,” as I dislike Josh Gad’s voice, and that song all together, so sorry ’bout it. It was eh. Ask a friend you trust for your review. The album didn’t have sufficient Audra McDonald (scratch that-the world doesn’t have enough Audra McDonald), but her voice soars on the finale track. As far as the original tracks go, as stated, “Evermore” is stunning.

“How Does an instant Last Forever” is the most prominent original track, as it becomes a motif throughout the film. Kevin Kline and Emma Watson do lovely careers on the small slivers, but Celine Dion sings the full version is destined for the Disney fireworks show. It really is marvelous and beautiful. Asking Celine back because of this album was so smart and this pairing was the perfect choice.

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I’d like the beginning of the campaign because of this to be the Oscar-nominated tune from the film so she can sing it at the Oscars. Overall, the recording grows you when you can disregard the choppiness, longer instrumental sections, and weird editing. This rating can be dreamed by me increasing the greater I listen to it, but those mistakes are so apparent that I have to stick to this.

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