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A peek at the top all time traffic source for my blog. Like a finance blog, the top post should be something regarding investment but surprisingly it is not. 702 for 8 days. I found out that various queries on Google rated my Taiwan trip post as the top search result. You can try searching “Taiwan trip blog” or “Taiwan trip itinerary” and both queries show my site as the first result.

So, that’s where the traffic is coming from. People love to travel and the most amount of searches which come in was through the November and December holidays. That’s when I understand people are organizing for their holiday trips. Well, till now there remain queries to arrive therefore I guess there are people traveling over the summer and winter. Some other financial bloggers will agree that we have an extremely small audience in comparison to travel or lifestyle bloggers.

Indeed my venturing post becomes #1 1 in page views. The next top page views post is on WhyMoolah which is a life simulation application to help young adults make wise financial choices. This was something interesting that I have also tried the app personally myself. You can try it if you’d not done so.

  • Your business rocks customers in the real world
  • A refundable tax credit means you get a refund, even if it’s more than what you owe
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  • If only income gained is via short term or long-term capital benefits and TDS has already been deducted
  • 15%: Fidelity Contrafund (FCNTX)
  • 2017 Funding: $7,500,000

The third most web-page views are the post on POSB invest saver. I am hoping that a post has helped more people in making better investment decisions. For the readers who frequented my blog, most are from Singapore. Next is followed by United States as the next, Malaysia as the third. There are folks from many other countries including Europe, Russia, Australia, UK, Ukraine, and other parts of Asia too. That is something interesting if you ask me to have visitors from all over the world. Also, the Facebook page which I started with 0 Likes has recently garnered 122 Likes as of now. Thanks to everyone who liked my page. Once again, thank you all of you for your support. Stay melody for a more interesting post coming soon.

It was reducing the success of banks and thus the committee recommended the stopping of this program. INTEREST Determination: The committee experienced that the rates of interest in India are governed and managed by the specialists. The determination of the interest rate should be due to market forces such as the demand for and the way to obtain finance. Hence the committee recommended eliminating government handles on interest and phasing out the concessional interest rates for the priority sector. Structural Reorganizations of the Banking sector: The committee recommended that the real numbers of public sector banks have to be reduced.

Three to four big banking institutions including SBI should be developed as international banking institutions. Eight to Ten Banks having nationwide presence should concentrate on the national and universal banking services. Local banks should focus on region-specific banking. Concerning the RRBs (Regional Rural Banks), it suggested that they need to concentrate on agriculture and rural financing.