Kylie Gillies Shows Up-close Look At Her Sunburnt Feet

Kylie Gillies always looks perfectly glamorous as co-host of Channel Seven’s The Morning Show. But from the cams, the 51-year-old admits she suffers from the occasional sunburn mishap still. Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Kylie shared a glimpse of her red and blotchy feet after she forgot to apply sunscreen below her ankles. I slipped through to my Slip Slop Slap,’ Kylie wrote in the caption. Everyone’s got a price tag!

How did you enter this situation? Share The TV personality also expressed anger at herself for not taking better care of her skin throughout a heatwave. I’m so cranky with myself. I’m the one who is always on at the youngsters to put on sunscreen. You can virtually see my fingermarks here,’ she added. Don’t forget below the ankles! Kylie always appears perfectly glamorous as co-host of Channel Seven’s The Morning Show.

It’s not the very first time Kylie has taken to Instagram to document her weather-related fails. February Last, she exposed the extreme weather acquired caused her artificial tan to melt through her gray container top. The event happened because she was sitting down in a hot car while waiting for her two sons to finish soccer training.

Warning: Never leave expanded ladies in a parked car in 30-level heat when they have just had a fresh spray tan,’ she composed at the right time. She added the hashtags: ‘footy training’, ‘melting’ and ‘exhausted’. Kylie stocks two sons – Gus, 16, and Archie, 14 – with her husband-of-30-years Tony.

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