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C-lium Fibre, the leading fiber supplement from Pascual Lab, that give you up to 14 times more fiber than cereals or oatmea because it is manufactured from 100% pure psyllium fiber husk. Apart from the powerhouse advantages C-lium Fibre provides, customers are reassured of the safety they get with every serving of C-lium because of PascualLab’s high standards of quality such as the GMP and ISO certifications .

Because of this more and more people select C-lium Fiber. I just need to have a daily train just get this massive belly out of my body. Weight-loss actuality show finalists : Raffy Tan, Hazel Chua, Angela Lupango and Art Mendoza. Art Mendoza misplaced 129lbs after joining a weight loss reality show and was first introduced to every day use of C-lium Fibre.

“Before, I couldn’t even match into a automotive seat. It was so embarrassing. But with common exercise, proper diet and C-lium, I’ve managed to maintain the weight off.” says Art. Angela Lupango also misplaced 78lbs in the identical program and made C-lium a day by day habit. Now, with renewed confidence and a fitter physique, Angela was in a position to satisfy her dream of gracing the cover of a journal.

Like Art and Angela, Raffy Tan and Hazel Chua solely trusts C-lium Fibre to maintain them fit. They all wanted to keep up their desired weight and stay wholesome to fulfill their dreams. “I used to weigh 206 lbs but with common exercise, discipline with what i eat and every day supplementation of C-lium, i’m now at my healthiest at 150lbs and inspire others to maintain match.” says Hazel. Raffy on the other hand additionally fought a tough battle along with his weight which affected his well being.

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“I really needed to lose the load because at 287lbs, i used to be turning into sickly. Richard Yap, popularly Known as “Papa Chen” and “Sir Chief”, has been utilizing C-lium for the previous 3 years. At the age 45, he is taken into account a late bloomer in showbiz trade. Richard quipps, “Who would assume that at my age, i could be given a good break. Not only celebrities can testify of the good advantages of C-lium, even on a regular basis people experienced this first hand. As a mainstay panelist of “The Bottomline”, a newspaper columnist and strategic advisor, Mike Lopez ensures that he makes essentially the most of no matter he has been blessed with.

However, all the stress and work that he puts into reaching his targets take a toll on his health. This has prompted Mike to start advocating a healthy lifestyle, coupled with C-lium, a fiber supplement identified to not solely assist one shed off the additional weight, but additionally lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

“Looking and feeling younger undoubtedly goes past the physical; it has a constructive impact in your general nicely-being. To achieve this, it’s important to have the proper perspective, and naturally, the willingness to decide to a healthier life-style. That’s where I’m able to go the extra mile,” says Mike. Filipinas Pineda is the tremendous mommy blogger behind the “Make or Break”, “Dishes by Pehpot”, “Tech Pehpot”, and “My Painted Lips” blogs.

For this housewife turned social media junkee, it’s not about just trying good and having a slimmer body, it is about losing more so you possibly can dwell more for your family. As a housewife who’s in her 30s, she realized that her physique will not be the same because it was in her youthful years. “The weight turned a barrier between me and my kids,” says Pehpot, “it was troublesome for me to catch up with them during playtime. Sitting in front of his pc, attending office events where high-calorie foods are ever-current, traumatic work conditions, and dealing lengthy hours are just a few of the components that led to Ryan Ong’s additional weight acquire.

As an artwork director for an advert agency, he knows that his job would make him liable to being obese. That’s why he determined to make a drastic way of life change—he started going to the gym and took C-lium Fibre recurrently. Now at his fittest type, Ryan balances his day job together with his passion for dancing as a gym instructor.

Ryan reveals his secret to trying and feeling younger: “The answer is straightforward. I wish to be healthy. Bey Dimapilis strongly believes that having a baby shouldn’t be an excuse to look large and outdated. For her, looking and feeling young is very important. With just some weeks of exercise and regular C-lium use, she has dropped 10 pounds and feels a lot lighter.