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When training at home, you’ll obtain maximum weight reduction advantage by using either drum solos, medium-speed, or fast music and incorporating a big number of moves that engage your legs and hips. You’ll receive less weight loss reap the benefits of practicing rib cage isolations to slow, undulating music, but these dance moves are beneficial in different ways (building core muscle strength) and therefore worth doing. Standing still training your finger cymbals or seated at your sewing machine making costumes won’t offer you any weight-reduction benefit whatsoever, though it might give you pleasure in different ways!

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Don’t eliminate gradual music and finger cymbal practice from your practice time – they’re useful skills to build up, they’ll build core strength, they’re fun to do, and they’re going to make you a much better dancer. But if weight loss can be an important goal for you, then make sure you devote enough time to dancing aerobic goes to fast music when you practice.

My advice: spend at least half an hour on a vigorous dance to drum solos and fast music, then take however much more time you want for slow music and finger cymbal practice. PHOTO CREDIT: Photo by PixieVision, Glendale, California. Clothes complements Saidi dance, one of the folkloric dance styles provides aerobic fitness exercise.

Tip: In my “BELLY DANCING for Exercise classes”, for the cardio segment of course I show folkloric dance styles such as Lebanese desk, Turkish series dances, Khaliji (Persian Gulf), and Saidi dance styles. If aerobic fitness exercise is important for you, I recommend searching for a belly dance teacher who understands these folkloric dance styles and includes them into her classes. I’m not a lover of “workout” classes such as Zumba that borrow some basic belly dance isolations (such as hip drops) and try to “rev them up” by doing them more vigorously.

I think exercises should use isolation-oriented belly dance goes for the core toning and warmup/cooldown parts of the class and use folkloric dances (such as those I named above) and touring steps for the cardio. PHOTO CREDIT: Photo by PixieVision, Glendale, California. The outfit is based on a Persian Gulf style of folkloric dance. It matters what you take in and drink.

Although getting the 30 minutes per day of exercise will improve your own body’s ability to burn fat, you also need to check out your diet plan. You are what you take in. There are a handful of bad behaviors that belly dancers can get into. Snacking After Class. Do you fill up on snack foods when you go back home from class?

Often, when we feel like snacking, what we should actually need is something to drink, to hydrate our bodies. In order to avoid this pitfall, take a bottle of drinking water (at least one quart or one liter) with you to class. Drink the equivalent of a glass of water before class starts. By the end of the course, before you enter your car or onto the bus to go back home, drink the same as 2-3 eyeglasses more.