Common Misconceptions About CREATING A Web Site

As a web designer who practically spends their entire day online, I realize there’s a lot of misinformation about the web and many fake anticipations of what it can accomplish. I decided to share some of the comments I’ve received from people and try to clear up some of the common myths about the internet. I don’t want or need a website because I don’t desire to be overwhelmed with sales/purchases/requests.

That’s not heading to happen. There’s a common misunderstanding that if it is built by you, they shall come. Not so. Just like obtaining a couple of business credit cards published, they look nifty sitting down on your table, but if you don’t hand them out, they aren’t assisting you. The same applies to a web site, because you have a presence online doesn’t mean people will see it.

It doesn’t just magically propagate itself to all the people that may well be thinking about your specific service or product. It requires a great deal of hard work and dedication to market one’s online business. It’s like those old Mail Pouch Tobacco ads coated on the sides of barns. They’re really nice, but unless the street goes on the barn, no one shall start to see the billboard. One of our long-term clients is a great example of how it takes time and effort to promote online.

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He sells kettle corn, snacks, nuts, jams, and jellies. It’s taken 5 years for him to approach being ‘overwhelmed’ with orders, which only happens around The holiday season. This has, in part, been due to a continuous effort of trading links with other similar businesses, keeping the site up to date and adding products on a regular basis.

This way, each time the search engines come around and ‘index’ his site, they can see the website is busy, changing, growing. This can help keep his rates high in the various search engines for keywords that are highly relevant to his business. Since there is no guarantee of being at the top browsing results (regardless of what some state), a constant effort shall help make sure you get hits from relevant keywords. Think of keywords as your market.

You bring the right keyword strikes, the sales are got by you. I’ve all the carrying on business I could manage why do I need an internet site? I don’t need or want to market my product or service online. You might have all the business you are designed for today, but markets and economies can and do change. A website can be useful in helping you spread the term about your business as well as working as an educational tool to teach your clients.

It can get into more detail in what you provide than a good brochure can do. It can come in useful when you are pressed for time and someone asks you about a specific service you provide. It is also more reliable than you! It will not forget and omit a crucial detail that may be important to a potential client. Perhaps you’re a therapeutic massage therapist. When you may not be thinking about actually ‘offering’ your services online, a website could be utilized to list any certification or training you’ve acquired. It could get into detail about each type of massage therapy you provide.

It could even show photos of your facility showing people what a professional procedure you run. This may free you up to do what you do, give quality massages. A website is also useful because it’s never written in rock. You’d 1,000 brochures imprinted and today your address or prices have changed up?

Now you have 1,000 brochures that need to be recycled. A web site is a quick fix if anything about your business changes. I’ve got a web site, how come I’m not getting wealthy? As web designers we repeatedly run into clients who just can’t be sold on long-term marketing maintenance for his or her site.

They have a hard time justifying such a regular expense. While the technology surrounding search engines changes at the acceleration of light, a very important factor remains constant: Content is King. Yes, it’s a clich? Just as those old barn billboards are fading into obscurity because the highway now requires all the traffic from those rustic back again roads, you need to keep up to compete.